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8th June 2018 – New Research Assistant: Dr Tanzil Chowdhury

Delighted to have hired a new research assistant with generous funding from the Pro-Vice Chancellor’s fund at University of Essex to work on my research on the #brexit #trump campaigns #cambridgeanalytica. Dr Chowdhury is on the up & up and you can check out his excellent research profile and legal background here. I know he will be a tremendous asset. Read more →

7th April 2018 – ISA2018!

After a last minute change to the programme I  presented yesterday on ‘SCL, Cambridge Analytica and researching the field of propaganda’ my research which is being published as evidence by the Fake News Inquiry next week. The research was so well received and it was great to get some encouraging feedback and interesting questions from the panel and audience alike during an excellent panel on… Read more →

17th March 2018 – Cambridge Analytica and SCL

There is BIG news this weekend on Cambridge Analytica and the contractor SCL Group – who you can read more about in my book ‘Propaganda and Counter-terrorism’ – just got suspended by Facebook for violating their terms. Something tells me this story isn’t going away. There seems to be another big story promised by Carole Cadwalladr tomorrow at the Observer… Read more →

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