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18th July 2020 – New Brookings Article on Disinformation

This week I’m delighted to share with you my new blog published in The Brookings Institution’s Tech Tank Blog – in my article “We need tougher action against disinformation and propaganda,” I highlight the weaknesses in our approach to tackling disinformation, influence and information operations post-Cambridge Analytica scandal. The piece considers the action that’s STILL needed to address one of… Read more →

16th May 2020 – Cambridge Analytica Interactive Map Launch!

NEW: My 2019-20 major project website has just launched! I have put together an Interactive Cambridge Analytica Map which collates and analyzes reporting of the scandal-ridden company Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) and their subsidiary Cambridge Analytica (CA), whose wrongdoing I was central in exposing in 2018. It maps reported global reach (1989-2018), including clients and projects. It visualizes the expanding… Read more →

19th December 2019 – New Chapter on LeaveEU, Cambridge Analytica

Delighted to share with you today news of the publication of an excellent new collection on propaganda. The SAGE Handbook of Propaganda Edited by: Paul Baines – University of Leicester Nicholas O’Shaughnessy – Queen Mary University of London Nancy Snow – Kyoto University of Foreign Studies It contains a chapter from me on Cambridge Analytica’s role in Brexit: ‘LeaveEU: Dark… Read more →

16th February 2019 – Invited talks at GWU and Columbia

Very much enjoyed my recent talk at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs about my new project ‘Propaganda Machine: The Hidden Story of Cambridge Analytica and the Digital Influence Industry ‘. Thank you to all who attended and asked such great questions! If you missed it I am delighted to say that I will be speaking at Columbia… Read more →

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