Category: Republished Work

14th January 2017 – My piece on ‘West’s crisis of communication…’ included in new book on ‘Politics, Protest, Emotion’

Delighted to have my work ‘West’s crisis of communication will make terrorist atrocities more likely’ from The Conversation, in this new book of blogs ‘Politics, Protest, Emotion’ by Paul Reilly, Anastasia Veneti & Dimitrinka Atanasova. Here is an excerpt: Both media and policymakers repeatedly ask: “How can we win the propaganda war?” By reissuing the same old calls for the… Read more →

17th December 2016 – New Blog for UNA-UK on ‘the post-truth factor’

My latest blog on the United Nations Association’s ‘New World’ Blog in ‘Perspectives: The Post-Truth Factor’ The far right has become emboldened. This year, we have seen coverage of refugees and migrants – already extremely negative – stoop to new lows amid the hateful rhetoric and misinformation during the Brexit media campaign. With the executive chairman of the so-called ‘alt-right’… Read more →

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