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20th July 2020 – Massive New Upcoming Documentary for 2020

Massive New Upcoming Documentary for 2020 Watch the Trailer Now: People You May Know You thought The Great Hack was good… I just wanted to let you know about the new extremely important upcoming documentary on religious data harvesting and misuse for propaganda ahead of the upcoming election ‘People You May Know’. I advised the filmmakers in the early stages on Cambridge Analytica… Read more →

18th July 2020 – New Brookings Article on Disinformation

This week I’m delighted to share with you my new blog published in The Brookings Institution’s Tech Tank Blog – in my article “We need tougher action against disinformation and propaganda,” I highlight the weaknesses in our approach to tackling disinformation, influence and information operations post-Cambridge Analytica scandal. The piece considers the action that’s STILL needed to address one of… Read more →

11th January 2020 – New Year, New Reporting…

This week was BUSY!!! Last Sunday I was quoted in the Guardian today on the @Hindsightfiles #CambridgeAnalytica leaks explaining these were the tip of the iceberg with more to follow: “The documents reveal a much clearer idea of what actually happened in the 2016 US presidential election… a huge bearing on what will happen in 2020. It’s the same people… Read more →

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