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28th October 2013

Wow, so excited… last year I had the pleasure of helping filmmaker Sally Richards make a short art film set in the decaying beauty of a historic colonial family home in Cuenca, Ecuador. The film shows glimpses of European colonial decadence revealed and obscured by fragmented and personal narrative, for me, these are uneasy hauntings of times we’d rather forget. I worked on some writing and… Read more →

10th September 2013

I am now in Sheffield and settling into my new job as Lecturer in Journalism Studies. Very happy indeed to be in such a great department. AND… Very excited today to discover that the awesome filmmaker Sally Richards has finished editing the film we made together in the Sumaglia Family’s historic home in Cuenca, Ecuador…. I CAN’T WAIT to see it!!! I shall… Read more →

18th November 2011

I have updated one of the links that was broken to my review of Mark Curtis’ book ‘Web of Deceit’… I am also currently trying to organise with my friend, Sally Richards – a film-maker, to take a trip to Aguarongo Forest near to Cuenca where there is an Eco-programme of interest. We are planning on doing some filming for… Read more →

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