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‘Bad News for Refugees’


NLP Frances Webber

“Most of those who will read this book will be aware of the relentlessly negative coverage of asylum issues by most of the national media for at least the past two decades. Where the book excels is in providing systematic, in-depth analysis which activists can use to demonstrate how such coverage effectively manufactures ‘public opinion’, which is used to justify more and more draconian treatment of asylum seekers.”

Review by Retired Human Rights Lawyer and Vice Chair of the Institute for Race Relations Frances Webber 26 September 2013 – New Left Project 



“This is an enormously important book that documents with meticulous scholarship the way in which immigrants have been stigmatised by the British media. It offers a compelling analysis of what is omitted from media accounts, which voices are left unheard, how simplifications and stereotypes are generated, and the consequences of this prejudiced reporting for immigrant communities who feel themselves to be under constant attack.”

Review by Professor James Curran, Goldsmiths, University of London (from Cover)



Greg Philo 8th August 2013 – The Guardian


New Statesman piece

Emma Briant 28th September 2013 – New Statesman

“The Group’s new book, Bad News for Refugees, tackles the creation by the media and politicians of a climate in which ‘refugee’ and ‘asylum’ have become dirty words, synonymous with ‘cheat’, ‘liar’, ‘scrounger’ and of course ‘illegal immigrant’ – and the effect of this wholesale and systematic vilification on settled minority communities as well as on the refugees and asylum seekers themselves.”




Book Review: ‘Propaganda’ – Law, Alex – 2016 – Media Education Journal. 60: pp.55-57.

Prof Alex Law of Abertay University, Dundee reviewed both this and Propaganda and Counter-terrorism. He states that: ‘Both Bad News and Briant’s searching study of propaganda help expose the processes and sources of misinformation in a turbulent world to the much needed interrogation of the democratic gaze’



Book Review: The Refugee Experience Book Reviews: Bad News for Refugees – Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre – 10th September 2015.



‘A revealing and informative book in many ways that would make a valuable addition to the reading list of every journalism course in the country.’

Book Review: ‘Asylum seekers ate one’s swans’ by Nicole Morris – 2015 – Review of Bad News for Refugees – from Spokesman Books (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation):



‘…an especially timely study that could prove useful in the fight against racist and xenophobic sentiment in Britain’

Book Review: Review of Bad News for Refugees by David Feldman – 2015 – from The Journal of International Relations, Peace Studies and Development



‘As for the volume as a whole, ‘useful’ would be an understatement. It can be described as essential for anyone seeking an antidote to the type of journalism it castigates.’

Book Review: Bad News for Refugees by Stuart Parkes – 2015 – Journal of Contemporary European Studies – Volume 23, Issue 1 



‘Overall, this text is a good example of what social science can add to our understanding of the social world. It takes the dominant ideological myths created on some of the most vulnerable, stigmatised people in society and begins to illuminate the structures that encourage these myths.’

Book Review: ‘Bad News for Refugees’ Review by Simon Weaver – October 2014 – European Journal of Communication Vol. 29 



‘If you’re passionate about fighting the stigmatisation of asylum seekers, you may want to get hold of this book.’

Book Review: ‘Bad News for Refugees‘ by Cath Baldwin – June 2014 – Sheffield Assist



Book Review: BAD NEWS FOR REFUGEES by Jo Manby. – 2014 – Ethnicity and Race in a Changing World 




‘the authors interrogate a range of myths that inform public understandings around issues related to refugees and asylum seekers’

Refugee Studies Review

Book Review: Review of Bad News for Refugees by Mandisi Majavu – June 2014 – Journal of Refugee Studies Volume 27 Issue 2



‘Although the conclusions reached in Bad News For Refugees may be familiar, its strength lies in the authors’ exhaustive use of a wide range of media sources, from national newspapers to current affairs programmes, in addition to comprehensive interviews with focus groups from migrant communities. The book brings academic authority and coherence to a debate all too often characterised by neither.’

Book Review: Review of Bad News for Refugees by Andrew Dolan – February 2014 – from Red Pepper.



‘very informative and readable’ ‘timely and relevant’

Book Review: Review of Bad News for Refugees by Margaret Woods  – February 2014 – from Socialist Review



‘…an invaluable contribution to what has become one of the most emotive political issues of recent decades’

Book Review: Bad News for Refugees – 25th February 2014 – from PostMag




‘Bad News For Refugees demolishes the myths around asylum and forced migration’

‘As we remember Nelson Mandela in the next few days, if we wish to celebrate his example and emulate the choices he made for his nation when we meet ours, then this skilful and often brilliant exposé on news and media culture may provide a timely watershed.’

Book Review:  The Meeting of Hopes and Fears by Banerjee, Sanjoy- December 7th 2013 – from Column F.


‘It is one of the most interesting and forthright books on the subject released to date.’

Book Review: New Book: Bad News for Refugees by Jack Tannock – 19th November 2013 – from Scottish Refugee Council.



‘…a timely and much needed analysis of the incredibly hostile media and political climate surrounding not only the portrayal of undocumented and irregular migrants, but also refugees and asylum seekers in the United Kingdom’

Book Review: Bad News for Refugees – Book Review by Charlotte Peel – 14th November 2013 – from Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants



Book Review: Ignorance-inducing media demonisation of refugees exposed’ Review: Bad News for Refugees by Ian Sinclair 28th October 2013 in Morning Star.



‘…an important book that is an essential corrective to the lies much of the media continue to spread about refugees’

Book Review: Bad News for Refugees by Ian Sinclair – October 28th 2013 – from ZCommunications


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