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Emma L Briant (2018) ‘Amid shocking revelations about Cambridge Analytica unethical activities, SCL Group’s defence work needs real scrutiny.’ in Open Democracy.

Emma L Briant (2018) ‘Comment is Free: I’ve seen inside the digital propaganda machine. It’s dark in there.’ in The Guardian.

Emma L Briant (2018) ‘Cambridge Analytica and SCL: How I peered inside the propaganda machine.’ in The Conversation.

Emma L Briant (2016) ‘Perspectives: The Post-Truth Factor’ in United Nations Association Magazine.

Emma L Briant (2016) ‘Beacons of Hope and Hate from the US Election: People Power’s Capacity to ‘Trump’ Injustice’ in The Sociological Review.

Emma L Briant (2016) ‘Failure of British Reporting Refugees to Europe’ in United Nations Association Magazine

Emma L Briant (2015) ‘West’s crisis of communication will make terrorist atrocities more likely’ in The Conversation.

Emma L Briant (2015) ‘Sirens of the Potomac: Think-tanks and Torture’ in CounterPunch.

Emma L Briant (2014) ‘Lee Rigby report another weapon in the propaganda war’, in The Conversation.

Emma L Briant (2013) ‘The UK Media needs to stop referring to refugees as ‘illegal immigrants” in New Statesman.

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