Dr Emma Louise Briant


Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Journalism Studies at University of Sheffield,

Post-doctoral Scientist at George Washington University,

From August 2017: Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Journalism at University of Essex

Dr Emma L Briant is a sociologist/political scientist specializing in research on media, political communication and propaganda particularly in relation to international conflicts, social issues like migration and inequality debates. Her recent published research includes two books, the most recent of which, based on her doctoral research, is Propaganda and Counter-terrorism – published in 2015.

Other recent work includes analyses of media coverage of disability and asylum in the UK with the Glasgow Media Group where she worked and studied for her PhD in Sociology prior appointment to Sheffield University in 2013. During this time she also co-authored her first book ‘Bad News for Refugees‘ with Greg Philo and Pauline Donald. She remains a proud member of Glasgow Media Group.


Dr Briant has in 2016-2017 taken special leave from her post at Sheffield to take a fantastic opportunity to do research at George Washington University in Washington DC, and work on an important new book project with Prof Robert M Entman analyzing the Democrats’ political communication failures, the 2016 election and the rise of Donald Trump. While in DC, she is also conducting research on the contemporary propaganda war between the US and Russia, as well as completing another project looking at the post-war reconstruction period and propaganda in Iraq. From 1 August 2017 Dr Briant is delighted to be starting at University of Essex as a Senior Lecturer (a post equivalent to the level of Associate Professor in the US).

Information on all her books, articles and blogs can be viewed on this website using the links above.