9th March 2015 – NYU

I am very honoured to have been away for the last week and a half as a visiting scholar at NYU in the Department of Media Culture and Communication (where I taught Propaganda and Religion, and American Exceptionalism) and I also visited the Department of Sociology (where I taught a class on Western Propaganda since 9/11). I was there for a series of meetings with Prof Terence Moran and Prof Steven Lukes to discuss collaborations and plan for my future research, as well as in NY more generally to promote my book which is out on March 12th. I had a wonderful time and the kindness and hospitality I received will not be forgotten – wonderful students in both departments, I had such an experience. Here are some photos!

With Prof Steven Lukes:


With Prof Terence Moran:


They were both so kind and I developed my work a lot through discussion with them. It was also great to be introduced to Prof Todd Gitlin from Columbia School of Journalism and chat to him about my work. There was also a side trip to DC included in my visit where I met with various people working with the US government and journalists. Good to finally meet Joel Harding, one of my fascinating expert interviewees from the book, who is a wealth of  information on the ‘information campaign’ and who has been very helpful in my research… And great to meet the must-read authorPeter Van Buren; as well as the National Security Editor from the LA Times, Bob Drogin  author of ‘Curveball’; Craig Aaron of Free Press and Sam Gregory of Witness. I met a lot of old friends from when I was in DC six years ago too! Wow… It was such a wonderful trip, unforgettable – thank you to all of you for making me feel so welcome!

Here is a photo of me, Prof Lukes and the class I taught about contemporary propaganda in his module Power, Domination and Resistance:


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