9th February 2016 – Stream for Guest Speaker Today: Jamie Woodruff, Ethical Hacker

A Live Stream for our special guest lecture today with Jamie Woodruff will be posted to THIS FACEBOOK PAGE 

This is an unmissable talk – Jamie Woodruff is an award-winning ‘ethical hacker’ who is passionate about Internet security. He will give a demonstration of hacking and talk about recent developments in surveillance, information security and the possible vulnerabilities for journalists and members of the public as well as talking about precautions we should all be taking. Jamie works with large companies to hack into their systems to highlight any vulnerable code. He travels the world teaching people the importance of System and Network Security and is well known for disclosing worldwide Exploits/Vulnerabilities within leading security applications such as: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Apple, Google, Newaer, DailyMail, TheTrainLine, Plusnet, Simple, Microsoft, Multiple Institutions & within the Government Sector.

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