4th May 2016 – Lecture at Uni of Iceland, Media Interviews & Book in Paperback

Amid the buzz of recent news about UK propaganda (see this piece by Piers Robinson in The Guardian), today I gave a lecture on propaganda and counter-terrorism at the University of Iceland. Thank you very much to the Department of Politics there and Ragnar Karlsson specifically for being so hospitable!

I was also interviewed about propaganda on national radio – ‘Harmageddon’ a radio show for young people in Iceland – thanks to Frosty and Mani at X977 and you can listen here. And I was also interviewed about the refugee crisis by the National TV station, hopefully will share a link to that soon.

Also… finally… wonderful news! Propaganda and Counter-terrorism: Strategies for Global Change is now out in paperback and ebook form MUCH CHEAPER for you to order here. I hope you find it interesting!

Watch this space too cause I’ve been conducting interviews while I am over here for an upcoming book chapter on surveillance.

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