3rd May 2017 – Promotion to SL at Essex!

From 1 August I am delighted to be starting at University of Essex as a Senior Lecturer (a post equivalent to the level of Associate Professor in the US). I am of course sad to be leaving my colleagues at University Sheffield and after 4 years as Lecturer there I am very grateful for the opportunities I have had and the friends I have made at this very supportive department. I will also be sad about moving on from George Washington University, but it has been an immensely enjoyable year filled with great opportunities and much excitement – especially given the crazy elections. My work with Prof Robert Entman will of course continue and hopefully I will be able to visit the department again. This will at least be a wonderful way to depart and I am grateful for the support I’ve received from all my colleagues at SMPA and across the university and most especially Bob. I am looking forward very much to joining the growing team at Essex in August and the new opportunities and friendships to follow. Essex is a university at the forefront of social science research in the UK and I can’t wait to join the very new Journalism department at such an exciting time of growth.

In more news I recently presented my research with Dmitry Chernobrov at the PONARS Eurasia Workshop at the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University. I received great feedback from the paper ‘Competing propagandas: Russian and US mutual representation of propaganda efforts’ and we hope to submit soon in a strong academic journal.

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