3rd August 2016 – New Research at George Washington University

This week I am delighted to have started a new research opportunity at George Washington University where I will be working for the year 2016-17 before returning to University of Sheffield. I am working on an important new project with Prof Robert Entman analysing the Democrats’ political communication in economic inequality debates. It will be an exciting time with the election campaigning in full swing. I will furthermore be continuing my current research on propaganda and am open to possible new opportunities, collaborations and consultancy during this time. My primary focus for this will be on the US and Russia, but I will also be doing work looking at post-war reconstruction in Iraq. I am looking forward to an exciting year in Washington DC and am enjoying settling in to my new department and meeting colleagues at the School of Media and Public Affairs and across the university. While I am here my professional email address will be:




Update (10th August): I am planning a research trip to the Hoover Institution archives at Stanford University in the coming months and currently working on 2 journal articles drawing on my recent research on propaganda.

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