29th March 2019 – Talks at UVA, Columbia, U of Illinois in Chicago and Bard College!

It has been a busy month! I am absolutely honoured to have been invited to give several talks in the US about my developing research and future book. It was quite a privilege to be invited this month to speak at UVA as the ‘Cyber Innovation & Society Distinguished Speaker‘, then I gave talks at the prestigious Columbia Journalism School (see photos below), and very respected University of Illinois Department of Communication at the kind invitation of Prof Andy Rojecki. This week I went to speak at Bard College at the invitation of the Human Rights Project there and Experimental Humanities who are doing really amazing new work. I also had an excellent opportunity to attend a conference on Character Assassination at George Mason University with a number of distinguished speakers at which I had the exciting privilege of meeting Prof Nancy Snow at long last, having long been a follower of her work! What a month!!!

Me and the great Dr Persuasion herself!!!

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