28th October 2013

Wow, so excited… last year I had the pleasure of helping filmmaker Sally Richards make a short art film set in the decaying beauty of a historic colonial family home in Cuenca, Ecuador. The film shows glimpses of European colonial decadence revealed and obscured by fragmented and personal narrative, for me, these are uneasy hauntings of times we’d rather forget. I worked on some writing and pop up in it from time to time but the real work was Sally’s. And now the film is going to be entered into a competition. ‘Sumaggla‘ (2013) has been also reviewed by the Italian film historian Gianluca Fantoni, click the link to check it out and watch this space for the film in due course!

The Glasgow Bad News for Refugees event earlier this month was a great success… people were standing and cramming in the back to get in and there will be film footage of us coming soon. Thank you all so much for coming. Check out the fabulous reviews of the event by the writer Raymond Soltysek who gives a moving account of his own family’s experience of refuge, and Claire MacCracken from Streetlamp Theatre, who are doing important work with refugees.

I have a short piece myself in Migrant Voice this month, drawing on #badnewsforrefugees research. And the book’s authors are also grateful to have received a book review in Arabic by Abdullah Mezar, a Syrian journalist based in UAE, check it out here.

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