25th March 2015 – New Article & New Book!

My article ‘Allies and Audiences: Evolving Strategies in Defense and Intelligence Propaganda’ has just been published in International Journal of Press and Politics and the new book is out now to buy!! Here is a wee pic of me clutching my copy of my first sole-authored book!

Great feeling!!


If you are intrigued to know a little about the research before you order, you can take a look at this book talk I did for Hexham Debates, thanks to Northumbrians for Peace and Hexham Quakers.


I am honoured also to have been recently invited by Lord Skidelsky to a Symposium on Power and Economics at the House of Lords, which was on Monday 23rd March. It was a fantastic event, with some really amazing speakers including Lord Skidelsky himself, Prof Steven Lukes, Daniel Stedman Jones, Lord Adair Turner and Prof Thomas Palley among other big names. It helped so much in completing a picture for me in the way the elite fits together integrating and maintaining its power across different realms. Fantastic opportunity. Looking forward to the book which will follow.

It’s been a busy week and no sooner was I home from that but I had another event! I am currently a CI on an ESRC Seminar Series Grant DATA-PSST! Debating and Assessing Transparency Arrangements: Privacy, Security, Sur/Sous/Veillance & Trust and Seminar 2, which I organised with Dr Ross Bellaby in the Politics Department was yesterday on the theme of ‘Debating the Ethical and Technical Limits of Privacy and Secrecy’. Great thanks goes to Dr Vian Bakir from Bangor, as the PI, she also put in a lot of work and helped us make it an outstanding success. Stimulating positioning statements came thanks to Iain Bourne from the Information Commissioners Office and Dr Steve Wright from Leeds Beckett University. Please take a little time to check out the blog where we posted the position statements from all participants and speakers: http://data-psst.blogspot.co.uk/ It was a really lively debate!!! A great time was had by all!

Here are some pictures:


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