24th July 2015 – Week 1 at GWU & New Blog

My first week as a visiting scholar has been very productive. Enjoying meeting my neighbours in GWU Media and Public Affairs as well as interviewing key experts in and out of government for my developing research. Prof. Entman has been kind enough to let me use his office and I have been inspired to get on with some serious writing!


This week I also have a powerful new blog out in CounterPunch called ‘Sirens of the Potomac‘. It draws on interviews from ‘Propaganda and Counter-terrorism’ to comment on the recent story about American Psychological Association’s complicity in military interrogations. I point to a wider systemic problem of the manufacture of ‘expertise’ and its implications for academic freedom. The powerful interview evidence highlights the role of a key think tank in recruiting academics to assist the military and exposes them as apologists for torture. Any comments welcome!

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