Month: April 2020

23rd April 2020 – Brittany Kaiser Guest Talk

Many of you will have watched in horror as we revealed ‘Cambridge Analytica’ and the Facebook scandals also unfolded in 2018. I’m delighted to share this video with you of a talk on Apr 23, 2020 with Brittany Kaiser, Former Business Development Director at Cambridge Analytica – one of the whistleblowers who was the central figure from the film The… Read more →

16th April 2020 – Ade Rudd Talk on Deception

Delighted to share the video of Ade Rudd‘s lecture for my ‘Propaganda: Dark arts in a digital age’ class at Bard College: “Clothing Naked Villainy: the Dark Art of Deception” The talk explores theory & introduces and analyzes examples of deception in war. Ade Rudd was ‘Behaviour Change Analyst’ & Warrant Officer in UK PSYOPS co-authoring NATO doctrine. This public… Read more →

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