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29th November 2016 – Blog for Sociological Review

My latest blog in case you missed it, in The Sociological Review: ‘Beacons of Hope and Hate from the US Election: People Power’s ability to ‘Trump’ Injustice’  An extreme right fringe has influenced American politics for far longer than many care to admit. This ‘shock’ election victory had a very slow creep. Neoliberal hegemony dug in its heels despite the… Read more →

1st November 2016 – New website for ‘Europe, Migration and the New Politics of (In)security’

Check out the new website for ‘Europe, Migration and the New Politics of (In)security’ which is funded by a White Rose Collaboration Grant – the research network is led by Alex Hall at the University of York, with myself at University of Sheffield and Deirdre Conlon at the University of Leeds here. We are interrogating the relationship between mobility and… Read more →