Month: August 2016

26th August 2016 – YouTube, my Cambridge Union debate

Here is the video of me debating in January at the Cambridge Union for the proposition that the media’s reporting is detrimental to Humanitarian crises around the world. Other speakers were Dame Barbara Stocking, former Chief Executive of Oxfam; Richard Spencer, the Middle East Editor for the Daily Telegraph; Francesca Ebel, a freelance journalist with a focus on Russian and… Read more →

3rd August 2016 – New Research at George Washington University

This week I am delighted to have started a new research opportunity at George Washington University where I will be working for the year 2016-17 before returning to University of Sheffield. I am working on an important new project with Prof Robert Entman analysing the Democrats’ political communication in economic inequality debates. It will be an exciting time with the election… Read more →

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