Month: May 2016

19th May 2016 – ‘Outstanding’ – Review of my latest book.

Fantastic review from Joel Harding, an Information Operations expert, who despite some disagreement with my perspective on US propaganda describes the book as ‘outstanding’ and ‘the single best book I have ever encountered about propaganda and information operations’. I am of course delighted. You can purchase the book from Manchester University Press in the UK or via Oxford University Press in… Read more →

7th May 2016 – ‘Hidden Power’ Blog

Hi there, On 31st May I am co-hosting (with Lisa Stampnitzky) a workshop called ‘Hidden Power: Innovative Methods for Researching Power in a Post-Snowden Era’. We have a blog for the event where each of the speakers will be posting a short summary of their talk. Here’s mine! ‘When I began researching the elites who purposefully shape, influence and manipulate our… Read more →

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