Month: May 2015

29th May 2015 – Youtube Video of UC Davis Talk

Here is the Youtube link to my UC, Davis invited talk on The Contemporary US propaganda system. The sound is a little odd in the first couple of minutes but bear with it as it clears when I start talking! I spoke about my research on propaganda and also how I am building teaching innovations from it to engage students in… Read more →

15th May 2015 – invited talk UC Davis

I am honoured to have been invited to speak at University of California, Davis at the end of this month about my new book on propaganda adaptation in the US and Britain. Can’t wait to take part in their ‘week of action’ to bring about far reaching changes to the curriculum to ensure critical accounts of US foreign policy are… Read more →

15th May 2015 – ROLE PLAY 2015!

A few photos and highlights of the fictional role-play I organised for students – been planning this since December! It aimed at bringing the processes and ethical dilemmas examined in my book to life for students through my teaching… The day began with an excellent talk from Col. Angus Taverner who organised embedding during the Iraq War and wrote the… Read more →

25th March 2015 – New Article & New Book!

My article ‘Allies and Audiences: Evolving Strategies in Defense and Intelligence Propaganda’ has just been published in International Journal of Press and Politics and the new book is out now to buy!! Here is a wee pic of me clutching my copy of my first sole-authored book! Great feeling!! If you are intrigued to know a little about the research before… Read more →

9th March 2015 – NYU

I am very honoured to have been away for the last week and a half as a visiting scholar at NYU in the Department of Media Culture and Communication (where I taught Propaganda and Religion, and American Exceptionalism) and I also visited the Department of Sociology (where I taught a class on Western Propaganda since 9/11). I was there for… Read more →

5th March 2015 – Recommendations

Very excited also to have a second endorsement for the book, this time from the famous Human Rights and Media Barrister Geoffrey Robertson QC who said that: “Truth, the first casualty in war, has been a major victim in the war on terror. This ground-breaking book takes us to the areas the law does not reach: propaganda, psy-ops and the… Read more →

5th February 2015 – Recommendations

Delighted to say the book has received a very generous endorsement from none other than Prof Robert W McChesney of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is among the most widely read and honored communication scholars in the world today and a world-leading expert and activist on US media freedom and political economy. It is a real honour and I am… Read more →

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